Windey Company First Awarded First Award for Science and Technological Advancement of Shanghai Municipality

Time:2019-07-26 Number:1693 From: Windey Company

Several days ago, Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government issued the document (NO.〔2019〕33) to award the individuals and projects who have won the Science and Technology Awards of Municipality in 2018. The project entitled “Key Technology of Wind Power Conversion and Machine and Grid Softening Control and its Application” jointly applied by Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wind Power Company of Shanghai Electric Group, Donghua University, Shanghai Electric Power Electronics Co., Ltd, Huarui Wind Power Technology (Group) Co., Ltd, and Windey was awarded the First Prize for Science and Technological Advancement of Shanghai Municipality.

With the support of the National 863 Program, the Natural Science Foundation, and projects of the local government, the project team has worked hard for more than ten years to break through the three key technologies of efficient and reliable conversion of wind power, control of unit transient state and control of maximum power generation capacity in steady state. In addition, the team developed parallel wind power converters and the series of products of wind power control system products and promoted their application. The project has obtained 30 patents for invention and 15 software copyrights, published 98 papers collected by SCI or EI and 1 monograph by Science Press, and set 4 national standards and 2 industry standards. The overall attainments of the project were appraised by an appraisal committee composed of several academicians and peer senior experts, who reached the agreement that the overall technology of the project has reached the leading level internationally. The technologies of active condensation technology, the wind power converter control technology to check the torsional vibration of the unit shaft system, and the wind turbine simulation system based on Bladed+RTDS are internationally initiative.

The project’s participating units include universities and colleges, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises across Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Shanghai Municipality and Beijing Municipality. They combine the advantages of the industry, schooling and research and fully exploit the strategic alliance of collaborative innovation and industrial technology innovation in the Yangtze River Delta. In recent years, Windey has been awarded many Science and Technology Awards of Zhejiang Province. The Award for Science and Technological Advancement of Shanghai Municipality is one of the top science and technology awards that Windey had first obtained from Shanghai Municipal Government. This award will encourage Windey to continue its scientific spirit of truth-seeking and innovation in attempting to make scientific breakthrough and more contribution to the wind power industry.

Ren Jing, Office of General Engineers